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Brand concept

EPK is a specialized chain of stores having more than fifteen years of worldwide experience in the sale of clothing and accessories for baby and kids from 0 months to 12 years of age. The concept was developed to offer high quality products inspired on international fashion trends, exhibited in spacious boutique-alike stores, at prices which are affordable for all economic levels or stratum. Our goal is to offer our customers a high quality product, at stores located in the main shopping centers or areas of the relevant country, with trendy designs, luxury finishing details, all comforts, without affecting the price of the product for such reasons. We offer our visitors a pleasant experience and the chance to acquire products with contemporary designs, of casual look, made of practical and comfortable fabrics, in order to meet the needs of both kids and parents without affecting their budget. Since the opening of the first store, we have proudly seen how the market has welcomed this innovative concept, reason by which we had to accelerate our expansion project both in Venezuela and worldwide.